Mimi Starikova - InternationalBallroomDance / HathaYoga / ZumbaFitness Instructor
MimiStar★ Aerial Yoga 

What is Aerial Yoga?
Aerial Yoga Key Benefits:
Increase core power, overall strength, flexibility and balance
Decompress the spine and joints through inversion
Promotes lymphatic drainage and massage meridians 
Amazing relaxation in suspension

What is Hatha Yoga?
Hatha Yoga is the most gentle, effective and recommended yoga type. Hatha yoga is thousands of years old, the oldest yoga. Several other styles of yoga originated from Hatha; including Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. Hatha focuses on both mind and body. It is self realization and it is a lifestyle which is mindful, peaceful and balanced. Hatha yoga asansas (postures) help practitioners for better posture aliments, breathing and concentration. Hatha yoga is for all ages; it is ancient, time tested and systematized.  

"A Balanced State of Mind is Yoga" by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
"That which makes it possible to achieve anything is yoga." by Shri Yogendraji. 
"Yoga is mind and body connection." by Mimi Starikova

Yoga & Mimi Star★
Mimi is well recognized in yoga. She has studied and taught in different countries. Yoga asansa (postures) and its attitude was introduced to her when she was little. She graduated with highest honor in her first yoga teacher training and started to teach in 2004 in China. She graduated from the Classical Yoga Teacher Training at George Brown College in 2010 in Canada which focused on classical hatha yoga asnasa and the philosophy. She participates in yoga conference by Institute where she learns from her peers, other professional and the master Indian-Canadian yoga educator, Jiwan GoyalMimi now teaches at York University, Euterpe Arts Institute, Life Vitality Centre. She always enriches her self-practice and teaching experience. Mimi said that yoga helps her to find better posture and increase flexibility and control in movements for dancing; yoga helps her to be more mindful in life, yoga helps her to help other to discover a healthier and more joyful lifestyle.

Why Mimi Star★
  • Professional in Hatha Yoga (well certified and recognized teacher)
  • Rich teacher training and teaching experience ((Zumba Fitness Instructor training, ballroom dance teacher trainings, dance bachelor training, and all these teaching experience)
  • Studies in related courses (Human Anatomy, Dance Conditioning, kinesiology, Conditioning, Care and Injuries Prevention courses, etc...)  
  • International education experience (has studied and taught internationally)
  • Higher value services (lesson is well instructed with great dynamic from mild to more chllange with smooth flow)
  • Better Price (you receive more than you pay)
  • Charming characters (professional, experiential, passionate and patient) 

Mimi Star★'s Yoga Videos
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TYC New Year Greeting 多伦多瑜伽中心

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Sun Salutation demo by MimiStar @Seneca College
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MimiStar Yoga Sculpt 瑜伽減肥 美體塑身 (國)
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WOWtv专访: 多倫多瑜伽中心火熱的空中瑜伽(國)
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Sun Salutation & 1 min Yoga Routine Demo
by Mimi Star★, Wanrui Liu, Bo Liu, Jeremy He, Christine Zhu - 2011

by Mimi Star★ & her students - 2012

by Mimi Star★ & Philip Starikov - 2011

by Mimi Star★ - 2011

by Mimi Star★ - 2011

by Mimi Star★ & children - 2011

by Mimi Star★ - 2011

Mimi Star★'s Yoga Photography